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how to play...

It's simple. All the sheep run away from your mouse cursor. So use that to steer them.


sheep stats
total players: 21032
total leagues: 5221

SheepGame returns
SheepGame has been resurrected. This site isn't new, it is the same one that was here in 2001... until I rewrite the game you can enjoy some classic sheep

don't forget about doggame
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Play SpreadSheep
Office friendly SheepGame
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My own site
I am currently developing a few bits and pieces at my 'proper' site... still a long way to go but you may like to see...
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best ever scores:
round up: pombo in 0:59
split up: kacknub in 4242
course1: kacknub in 4242
course2: kacknub in 4242