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FlashKit http://www.flashkit.com
Fantastic resource for anyone interested in Flash. Include tutorials, forums, games, and much more!



RaceRacer http://www.raceracer.co.uk
Race cars, set times, discuss things, even find hidden sheep!!!! It doesn't get much better than this... well wait a couple of weeks and it will do. This is Flash driving games at their best - and it gets updated more often than I can keep up with.

DogGame http://www.doggame.co.uk
SheepGame's sister site

RocketSnail http://www.rocketsnail.com
Developers of incredible Flash games, including the Experimental Penguins chat room.

Ultimate Arcade http://www.ultimatearcade.com
These people develop loads of games in Flash, and allow you to take some for your own site

Globz http://www.globz.net
Great site full of quirky flash and fun games

Lil Games http://www.lilgames.com
!!!WARNING!!! This site contains the "so addictive it should be illegal" game of Spore Cubes...

Game Development

FlashKit http://www.flashkit.com
I know it's listed twice, but they have a discussion forum dedicated to game development in Flash.

General Links

.net magazine http://www.netmag.co.uk
The forums of this magazine are home to a loyal army of SheepGame fans

The White Dot http://www.whitedot.org
Re-evaluate your opinions on Television, and ditch that interactive set-top box!