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early sheepgame
SheepGame began back in February 2000. With an experiment to push a red square away from the mouse it quickly developed with the addition of Sheep Graphics, sheep pens, hiscores, and much more

early game files
red square
adding sheep
early full game

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sheepgame 1
SheepGame1 began as an exercise to combine several Internet technologies [Flash, PHP and MySQL] It was officially launched at FlashKit.com on August 22nd 2000 and quickly grew from this, being featured on the Steve Wright Radio show on BBC Radio2, awarded Site Of the Day by The Mirror, and received special praise in The Net magazine [Dec2000].

SheepGame1 files
final version of SheepGame1
world famous jumping sheep

web links
SheepGame launched

sheepgame 2
The new SheepGame features Sheep that can run in any direction, email reminders, more games better graphics... and that is just at it's launch!